EP-20 is the new generation electric locomotive modular cab


Valentin Gapanovich, the senior vice president of RZD (JSC «Russian Railways»), is being interested in the main advantages of EP-20 project. Igor Telichko, the president of «PKPP MDC» LLC, is answering the questions on this project.

Due to the complex of original solutions the designers of «PKPP MDC» LLC reached the goals and ensured EP-20 project by passive safety of locomotive crews in emergency collision.

These solutions are based on a smooth, multi-stage absorption of kinetic energy in the impact. The absorption of energy is effected at the expense of the deformation of the sacrificial elements mounted in the front part of the frame and the cab, as a result the value of the longitudinal acceleration is significantly reduced and, correspondently, the force influence on the constructional elements and locomotive crew.

Designers and constructors of «PKPP MDC» LLC developed the microclimate maintenance systems really important for the cab. The main advantage of the automatic system for microclimate maintenance is the possibility of manual adjustment. This is particularly important during the cab operation in all climatic zones of the CIS countries. The technology followed by EP-20 cab installation has been thoroughly thought out in advance in process of EP-20 modular cab creation.

The cab is delivered with fully installed exterior and interior equipment, interior and control desk, electrical and pneumatic mounting.

The cab apparatus docking with a car body is made with quick disconnects on the cab rear wall.

Whole project EP-20 has been highly appreciated by Professionals and Customers.