2EL5 electric loco. Driver’s cabin with control desk

  • Date 2005 - Today
    Project status Serial production
    Project type New
    Transport type Electric locomotives
    Work type Cab; Driver desk; Modular cab; Vacuum toilet systems;

Freight Electric Locomotive of alternating-current 2EL5 is the first modular cab with one-piece fiberglass body in Ukrainian industry history.

The development of this project became the starting point of new principal approach of locomotive building. The cab was designed as a separate assembling module supplied with all necessary equipment. Butt joints fastening provides fast and secure installation on the locomotive bed.

Ergonomic and safe working area for the locomotive driver and his assistant was created.

Features and standards

  • NB ZhT TsT 04-98. Electric locomotives. Russian requirements to certification.
  • UIC KODEX-651.
  • Special attention was paid to sanitary and fire safety
  • Cab’s climate control system
  • Increased windshield with electric heating.
  • Controllable mirrors with heating.
  • LED signal lights and desk illumination.
  • Electric heated floor panels. 


MDC led the project through all stages. It developed draft design and technical design, issued engineering documentation, built the full size mockup, made tools and manufactured the cab module with ready interior.

It took 7 months to come from first pencil drafts to delivery of the first two Modular cabs to the customer.