Research and Manufacturing Association International Business Cooperation specializes in innovational solutions for rail transport.

We design, engineer, produce and supply transport interiors, locomotive cabs, driver’s desks, sanitary modules, vacuum toilet systems and some equipment for rail transport. Our projects integrate the advanced experience and cutting-edge technological solutions of the leading world producers and the in-house developments of our company. State-of-the-art technologies and application of up-to-date materials became the trademark of International Business Cooperation projects.

We were one of the first companies in CIS who developed the conception of totally modular locomotive cab. A lot of commuter trains interiors in Ukraine are finished with our panels of thermo vacuum forming plastic, custom designed by German company on International Business Cooperation order and specification.

We design and produce modern driver’s desks with new equipment configuration and enhanced ergonomic of driving control. We have designed and manufactured the interior for metro coach of new generation. We launched the mainstream production of modular cabs of electric locomotives EP1M and 2EL5. These cabs were designed and developed by Design Office of International Business Cooperation.

You can learn more about International Business Cooperation projects for rail transport in PROJECTS.

Personnel, technological, manufacturing and management resources of our company as well as established partner relations with railroad machinery construction companies let us provide the complete cycle of project works — from concept work out to design, industrial production and product delivery to customer.

Clients and partners of International Business Cooperation are the leading domestic and international companies of railroad industry such as JSK Luganskteplovoz, public corporation «KVSZ», public corporation «Kievskij elektrovagonoremontnyj zavod», CJSC Transmashholding (Russia) and other companies.

International Business Cooperation  — Industry Leader State authorities of Ukraine have nominated Limited Liability Designing Constructing Manufacturing Company International Business Cooperation as «Industry Leader 2012». It was fixed by State Statistics authority of Ukraine.


1. Bombardier Transportation (Switzerland) AG, Zürich
2. Škoda Transportation a. s., Plzeň
3. TEVZ OSC, Tbilisi
4. Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant OJSK, Novocherkassk
5. Metrovagonmash OJSK Mytischi
6. Bryansk Engineering Plant OJSK, Bryansk
7. Sinara-transport machines OJSK, Ekaterinburg
8. Circon-Service, Scientific and Production Complex, Ltd, Moscow
9. Kyiv Electrical Carriage-Repair Plant PJSC, Kyiv
10. Kryukov Railway Car Building Works PJSC, Kremenchug
11. Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant JSC, Lviv
12. Dnipropetrovs’k Scientific and Production complex «Electric Locomotives Building SE, Dnipropetrovs’k
13. Luganskteplovoz OJSC, Lugansk