We propose designing, constructing, manufacturing, supplying and delivering to customer the following products:

  • Modular cabs

    Module: Cab + Interior + Driver's Desk + Equipment
    Electric locomotives
  • Locomotive cabs

    Hood-type cab with interior embedding
    Diesel locomotives, electric locomotives
  • Interiors of Rail transport

    Passenger zones interiors, service compartments, sanitary rooms, train carriage platforms, locomotive cabs interiors, etc.
    Electric and diesel commuter trains, passenger coaches, inspection trains, locomotive cabs, metro coaches, trams
  • Sanitary modules

    Sanitary room module: Body + interior + equipment (toilet bowl, wash basin, shower cabin, vacuum system for waste collection)
    Passenger coaches of premium comfort level, commuter trains, inspection trains, locomotives
  • Driver's desks

    Table body + equipment
    Electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, metro