Proposals. Interiors of Rail transport

Interiors of Rail transport

1. Ergonomic passenger seats
2. Plastic molded lining
3. Decorative ceiling panels with perforated ventilation outlets
4. Luggage racks
5. Window units with double rollets (night/day)
6. Personal lighting
7. General lighting («Lighting path»)
8. Ventilation/air conditioning systems elements
9. Toilet compartments
10. Internal doors
11. Inter-car walkways
12. Information systems


We specialize on designing, constructing, engineering, manufacturing both the interiors of new coaches as well as refurbishment projects of operating rolling stock to modern standards of safety, comfort and service abilities. We also design, manufacture and equip interiors of locomotive cabs.

Elements of passenger interiors: 

Ceiling and walls paneling; 
Interior's equipment; 
Ventilation, climate, lighting and other systems; 
Toilet and sanitary systems, etc.


International Business Cooperation interiors are a thoroughly elaborated comfort and functionality. We consider a transport interior as an integral life space for safe and comfortable travel of passengers and an ergonomic operating environment of the driver and service crew. This space includes passenger cabins, areas of recreation and entertainment, service and auxiliary compartments, sanitary sections.

We apply hi-tech materials for finishing interiors to meet the specific of transport requirements. Polymer components are lightweight and high-strength, they are easy to mount, durable, maintenance free and vandal resistant. Our materials comply with fire safety requirements and hold certificates for application in passenger interiors.

Proposition to manufacturers of transport interiors. We produce and deliver plastic panels (thermo vacuum forming technology) certified for application in rail transport interiors.

Interiors of Rail transport