Refurbishment of GT4 Tram for Romania

  • Date 2016 - Today
    Project status Serial production
    Project type Design
    Transport type Municipal transportation
    Work type Cab; Cab interior; Driver desk; Passenger interiors;



Our scope of competence in tram interior:

1. We received a proposal to make a project and deliver as an alternative supplier the “GT4 tram interior set” which includes:

- saloon interior with seats, handrails and lighting equipment;

- Front-End with: driver’s desk, interior, wiper system, lighting equipment and glazing;

- the rear section is equipped with lighting, metal body and bumper.

Previously the customer had been getting components from different producers and partly purchased and manufactured the equipment by themselves.

2. We learned the data source and requirements. On this basis, we drew up detailed specification.

3. While designing and preparing to manufacture the Front-End, interior equipment of the saloon for GT4 tram we complied with:

-general fire safety on railway transport in accordance with UIC 564-2, EN 45545-02;

-general requirements of the EC Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH) to the materials used in the EU;

-UNECE Regulations, Directives and EU Regulations concerning the general requirements for outdoor lighting equipment and safety glazing of the driver’s cab and the saloon;

-The EU requirements (ISO-DIN-EN), developed and approved by the Technical Committees of the railway and electrical direction of harmonized national agency certification and standardization of Romania;

-the Romanian national standards SR and STAS;

-safety requirements for passenger seats and chairs in accordance with UIC 566;

-safety requirements for non-metallic materials and coatings;

-requirements for safe glazing products in accordance with the UN Ruling No. 43;

-requirements for general and emergency lighting in a tram saloon;

-requirements for location of the light-signaling equipment in a vehicle, in accordance with EU Directive 76/756 / EEC and the UN Ruling No.48.

4. While the project we learned the best way how to:

-cooperate with certification and expertise centers in Europe for the purpose of testing and obtaining certificates of conformity;

-cooperate with national certification and standardization departments in the Customer’s country.