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Modular cabs

MDC Modular Cabs for electric locomotives


We develop and manufacture electric locomotive's Modular Cabs (MC). Modular Cab is an assembled cab unit with complete interior and necessary equipment (including driver's desk). Butt joints fastening provides fast and secure installation on the locomotive platform. This product provides a number of advantages for locomotive building manufactures.

Delivery set: 
Assembled cab (including interior, driver's desk and equipment) + Lower fairing + Removable roof elements 

Modular cab construction: 
Fiberglas cab body is a one-piece shell and it is installed over metal base frame. Power reinforced zone in the front part of cab's metal frame protects the driver and his assistant in emergency collisions. The construction of butt joints fastening of MC can compensate deviations in locomotive platform production up to ±8mm and guarantees fast and reliable  joining.  

Fine heat- and noise insulation characteristics of our Modular Cabs are ensured by one-piece external shell and multi-layer insulation consisting of different materials. The ceiling and walls of MC are finished with thermo vacuum molded plastic panels and FRP elements. International Business Cooperation Modular cabs are suited for operation in harsh climatic conditions and provide a comfortable fit for locomotive crews in the range of ambient temperatures from -50 to +50 ° C. 

Сертификат соответствия Симона

Materials used in the project were carefully chosen in accordance with the requirements of fire safety and sanitation standards of Russian Railways (which are the strictest in Europe) and Ukrainian Railways. The applied materials have the necessary certificates and permits. 


Modular cab's equipment: driver's desk unit, systems of general and local lighting, sun shades, heating appliances (radiators and air heaters), electric heating panels, built-in lockers. Lower fairing and removable roof elements are separate units and are delivered with MC.


Modular cab design is constantly being improved on the operational factual material as well as customers' feedbacks. 


Modular cabs