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Locomotive cabs

We design, construct, engineer, manufacture and supply locomotive cabs - both electric and diesel types. There are new locomotive cabs (TEP 150) as well as cabs  refurbishment projects

(electric locomotive cabs VL40U, VL40M, VL80 TM/SM) in our portfolio.


MDC locomotive cab is a compound product. We propose production of CAB'S EXTERNAL SHELL with high-strength composite. We design and manufacture ergonomic and functional CAB'S INTERIOR. We can supply the cab with DRIVER'S DESK including modern display equipment and control elements. 


Basic features of International Business Cooperation locomotive cabs: 

Cab external shell is made of FRP and is incorrodible.
Interior plastic lining is durable, easy washable, no maintenance required.
The cabs are equipped with modern gear with high level of reliability.
Comfort and safe working environments for locomotive crew operation (advanced heat- and noise insulation; systems of lighting, heating, climate control, ventilation; built-in lockers; rollets; emergency exits, etc.).
Contemporary design - integrity of external look and internal workspace. And internal space is organized both esthetically as well as functionally (according to zoning principles)
Driver's working place ergonomic is thoroughly elaborated.
Equipped with driver's desk.

Locomotive cabs