Production. Fiberglass production

Fiberglass production

We offer a complete cycle of works on the production of fiber-reinforced polymer products (FRP), including design, adaptation of customer’s documentation, prototyping and moulds production, manufacture, finishing and assembly of products. Technological capabilities allow us to produce large-sized items of complex geometry. We work with slow-burning resins too.





Technological capabilities of International Business Cooperation fiber- reinforced polymer production:

  • Large-sized one-piece items such as locomotive cab’s shells, floor trays, cladding panels, etc.

  • Flexible design of the surface. We cut moulds of complex geometry on 3D milling machine.

  • Texturing. We can apply any texture to product surface from deep matt to deep glossy.

  • Two face surfaces. Back surface of fiberglass items is usually roughly textured with mesh. We manufacture shower doors, shelves and some other items with both face surfaces.

  • We manufacture FRP panels and accessories with built-in heating elements.

  • Manufacturing of products in RAL or NCS color palettes.

  • Hermetically sealed containers of fiberglass like vacuum toilet system waste tanks, etc.

  • Acid- and alkali-proof containers and two layered heat-insulated tanks.

  • Molding of fasteners, decorative accessories, wear-resistant elements into the facing surface of fiberglass product.