Production. Thermovacuum forming (Plastics workshop)

Thermovacuum forming (Plastics workshop) Thermo vacuum forming is an efficient production technology of processing slow-burning PVC with a special molding equipment and patterns. Plastic products manufactured under this technology combine a unique features of high-tech material and an attractive price. Termovacuum forming is ideal for producing large-sized items in small batches.

Manufacturing of thermoformed products is carried out on two thermovacuum formers with maximum part size up to 1500 x 1500mm for the first former and 2000 x 3000mm for the second machine. Modern equipment allows forming large sized parts with draw depth up to 500mm depending on the geometry of the product.

The workshop manufactures plastic components for locomotive cabs in Assembling Workshop of International Business Cooperation, as well as interior details for electric - and diesel commuter trains, both for new projects and refurbishment of interiors.

Thermovacuum forming workshop can produce custom plastic products using our patterns (moulds) or take patterns provided by the customer.

Our plastics for transportation interiors were specially designed by German company to meet the standards of railways (especially the requirements of Russian Railways, which in sphere of fire safety are the strictest in Europe).

Advantages of our thermo plastic products:

  • Comply with fire safety standards. It meets strict requirements for use in passenger transport interiors.

  • Vandal resistance. The plastic is difficult to scratch, small cuts are unnoticeable due to its texture and even structure of material

  • Durable and maintenance free.

  • Precise tolerance. Manufacturing technology provides high precision of complex shaped items.

Since 2002, we help companies in the manufacture of various innovative products, including interiors of commuter trains and subway coaches, control panels, locomotives cabs interiors, wall panels and furniture for the rolling stock, as well as other products.

We offer a complete range of services related to the plastic products manufacture: designing, constructing, prototyping, producing patterns and forming, post forming processing and assembling.

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